Why the need for the project?

The dairy industry has seen many significant changes over the last 30 years, including deregulation events, changing industry profiles, changing communication media and an increasing influence of community expectations. Many people believe that the leadership, governance and advocacy model for the industry needs to change to take the industry forward. A more efficient and effective model is needed, providing increased unity, engagement, and clarity in roles, services and benefits of representative bodies.

What will the project deliver and when?

The DARTeam will generate options for a new model for dairy industry leadership, governance and advocacy in the 21st Century. The project commenced in early 2017 and the options will be presented to the UDV, VFF and ADF in August 2017.

The model options will focus upon dairy in Victoria, but necessarily will consider the broader national dairy industry model.

Who will lead the project?

The DARTeam is a core group of 9-10 emerging dairy leaders, predominantly aged 30 to early 40s, independent and operating productive and profitable dairy farm businesses. They bring independent, fresh and contemporary ideas and expectations together with enthusiasm for a model that will take them and the industry forward. They will be supported by a small number of senior, experienced and respected dairy leaders.

How will the project be done?

The DARTeam will draw on knowledge and learnings from the past and other sectors, together with seeking the views of a broad range of dairy farmers and industry stakeholders across the value chain. Many key industry stakeholders will be contacted directly. All dairy farmers (owners, managers, sharefarmers and farm staff) can contribute their views and ideas by selecting the “Contribute Views” button at the top of the screen.

Who is supporting the project?

The undertaking of the project is endorsed and supported by the ADF, VFF and UDV.