Fresh thinking on Dairy Industry Leadership, Governance & Advocacy
The DARTeam Project

There is broad agreement across the Victorian dairy industry of the need for a more efficient and effective model for industry leadership, governance and advocacy, to take the industry forward in the 21st Century.

The DARTeam project is to identify options for a future dairy industry model for Victoria and in a national context that incorporates;

  • The roles, services and benefits required
  • Effective governance structure, including relationships with cross sectoral advocacy bodies and key dairy industry organisations
  • Appropriate management, resources and competency
  • Effective communication and engagement principles, technology and media
  • Stengthened engagement and membership, including breadth across the value chain

The DARTeam will be seeking the views and ideas of a broad range of dairy industry stakeholders. Select the “About” button from the menu to read more and select the “Contribute views” button from the menu to have your say.